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Welcome to, a resource site for World of warcraft mods. This site houses over 100 of the most helpful WOW mods for the most popular MMORPG online. We have split them up into eight categories for convenience. The list of mods are updated daily. Here you will find numerous Addons to enchance your World of Warcraft gaming experience.

News - 10/05/08
We here at the WOW mods resource site have been licking our chops ever since we heard about the next World of Warcraft expansion, WOW: Wrath of the Lich King. The release date is announced for November 13th. The expansion pack will feature a higher level cap of 80 with a new continent and a new hero class. WOW mods will be developed with anticipation to the expansion pack and will update accordingly.


What are World of warcraft mods?

World of Warcraft mods (or WoW mods for short) are extensions to World of warcraft. WoW Mods serves many purposes, from giving you a new look to your interface to displaying additional info to help you in raids. Mods also makes your life easier giving you options that Blizzard never dreamed of. The authors of WoW mods are fans of the game, taking it upon themselves to create modifications for World of Warcraft and sharing it with the online community. Most of the WoW Mods on this website are standalone mods meaning you need nothing other than the game itself to get it to work. Others are addons to an already existing mod to the game like Titan Panel. Blizzard does not develop 1st party World of warcraft mods, but they support the mod community by giving them suppor and tools to 3rd party developers. Keep in mind that all World of warcraft mods need to be manually installed and it is wise to be offline and not playing you're adding on a WOW mod.

About the founding of this website.

This website started as just a place for members of The Fallen Gods Guild to post WoW mods they were using and for friends of the guild who have written mods to show off their work. Eventually traffic from other places started coming in to download the mods, so this site has been redesigned for the public in general. acknowledges every single mod author who has a WoW mod listed on this website on the acknowledgment page.

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All World of Warcraft mods belong to their respective owner. If you have problems installing a mod or can't get a mod to work properly, check our Mod Problem page.